Michael Kazouris is Skip Tracer, Fugitive Recovery Specialist

Michael Kazouris is also authorized in his position as Process Server appointed by Hillsborough County and the Pinellas and Pasco County Sheriffs’ offices to perform skip traces.  A skip tracer may help locate debtors to compel payment and/or also help locate bail jumpers.  Also known as debtor and fugitive recovery, Kazouris engages in the location of a person for these and other reasons.  ‘Skip’ refers to the person who is being searched for and often there are minimal indicators to ‘trace’ a person’s location.  As a Process Server and Skip Tracer, Kazouris engages in investigative tactics which are also used by debt collectors, bail bondsmen, bounty hunters, repossession agents, private investigators, lawyers, police detectives, journalists.  These same types of tactics are used by investigators to find witnesses needed in criminal trials.

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The information which Skip Tracer Michael Kazouris collects about his subjects is analyzed, reduced to its relevant parts and verified.  With large amounts of data, sometimes information about the subject’s whereabouts is lost in the sheer volume.  Kazouris often calls on neighbors in his search and if necessary, uses false identification to accomplish his goals.


Michael Kazouris Serves Legal Notice on Those Summoned by the Court

As the Process Server for Hillsborough County and the Pinellas and Pasco Sheriff’s Offices of Florida, Michael Kazouris files court papers and serves and retrieves legal documents.  Of primary importance is the Server’s delivery of legal documents to defendants or other persons involved in a court case.  Kazouris must also deliver evidence that the legal papers were served.  This verification is called an affidavit of service and must be notarized and given to the individual or company who required the service of the papers.  Kazouris must serve papers in the pre-established manner set down by their state, which may differ drastically.

Process Server Michael Kazouris takes his position very seriously.  Process serving ensures that the due process of law is upheld, and the office of process server ensures that legal papers are served effectively and appropriately.  Should papers be served improperly, the court may be impeded in its ability to rule on a case or the case may be thrown out.

Michael Kazouris is a Private Investigator & Process Server Who Lives and Works in Florida

Michael Kazouris is a private investigator and process server who lives and works in Florida. Michael Kazouris is a trained investigator who studied public safety at Florida Metropolitan University in Clearwater.

Michael Kazouris: Private Eye

As he knows, there are big discrepancies between the common public image of what a private investigator does, versus the day to day reality. Real life doesn’t have much in common with the type of stylish Hollywood crime dramas in old film noir movies… Read complete post at https://medium.com/@MichaelKazouri/michael-kazouris-private-eye-5be0d05eea30

Michael Kazouris: Loss Prevention Specialist

Michael Kazouris: Loss Prevention Specialist

Michael Kazouris was a loss prevention specialist who worked for US Security Associates in Tampa, Florida for over a year. He was a plainclothes security detective.