Discovering the key responsibilities of Michael Kazouris in his present job

Holding a superlative reputation to his name, Michael Kazouris is the most trusted name among the private investigators, in and around Tarpon Springs. He has served a few corporate in the country as well as some of the key public offices. Since January 2010, he is serving as a private Investigator and appointed by the sheriff’s offices of Pasco and Pinellas as a process server. The paragraphs underneath will discuss the key attributes of his present occupation.

Discovering the key responsibilities of Michael Kazouris in his present job

Michael Kazouris conducts and effects service of civil and criminal process.

The courts keep on receiving various kinds of civil cases which are filed and evaluated and then served to the defendant(s) and or witnesses.

Michael is responsible for conducting skip traces

Michael Kazouris holds a reputation as a top-notch skip tracer, serving the Tarpon Springs and the adjacent region. This is an important profile that he handles because he finds out the where about of the target individuals with high secrecy and he ensures that he serves his clients with authentic and reliable information that serves the purposes of his clients.

Aside from verifying the authenticity of the civil cases, Michael Kazouris even handles the verification of the documents, coming in his perusal through the course of his assignments. His superlative performance supports his clients to meet their objectives. Thus, he enjoys the trust and reliance of the clients he serves. Just like in his previous engagements, he gets rated as an asset to his present employer.

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