The key excerpts of the professional career of Michael Kazouris

Michael Kazouris is the name that the individuals and the organizations from the Tarpon Springs and the surrounding region trust the most. The paragraphs underneath will throw light on the major excerpts of his professional career.

The key excerpts of the professional career of Michael Kazouris

Michael is presently serving as a private Investigator/ Process Server

Since January 2010, he’s been appointed by the Sheriff’s offices of Pasco and Pinellas Counties and the Chief Judicial Judge of Hillsborough County. In addition, he also handles the responsibility for conducting skip traces.

Michael has served as a Loss prevention expert with a few top retailers in the country

He was with a few top retailers in the country, serving as a loss prevention expert. He had conducted plain clothes surveillance for controlling the store inventory. His superlative performance enables these businesses in preventing shoplifters. He had worked in collaboration with the store officials and the enforcement departments to prevent the loss of inventories that cost a major business loss to the retail businesses.

Michael Kazouris has even served in the capacity of the Public Safety officer and he got the award of the “Officer of the year” in the year 2005. He was even awarded a reward for drug prevention the office of the International narcotics Enforcement in the year 2001. The points stated above Upholds his glorious career track and explain why he holds the trust and reliance of the clients. No wonder, in instances the individual or the organizational entities from the Tarpon Springs region looks for a private investigator, his name is the first option that flashes in their mind.

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