Michael Kazouris: Tips for Setting Goals

Michael Kazouris is a process server and a private investigator in Tarpon Springs in Florida. He has been in this field for many years. Kazouris shares how setting goals has helped him stay ahead of the game and stresses that goals should be set by everyone in order to achieve success. Here are some tips by him:

Be precise

Goals should be set in a precise manner. When setting a particular goal, the date and amount of the tasks you need to achieve should be mentioned so that you can measure your achievement later and take satisfaction.

Make goals tangible

Writing down goals gives them tangibility, which gives them force. It makes them more realistic and gives them an existence.

Michael Kazouris: Tips for Setting Goals

Create priorities

Set priorities within goals and identify the most important ones as a person can have many goals. Then work towards the achievement of the more important ones.

Goals should be realistic

Identify your limits and set goals that you can actually achieve. Setting unrealistic goals can dry down your motivation and reduce your performance levels when you are unable to achieve them.


Make lifetime goals

Setting lifetime goals can clear your perspective on what you want to achieve in life and help you set smaller goals to help achieve the big goal.

Setting goals category-wise

Differentiate or separate your goals according to categories like education, career, attitude, family, physical, etc. This will help you accomplish goals category-wise.

Michael Kazouris encourages to set goals if you have not done already, as setting goals and working towards their achievement will give you greater motivation and a purpose in life.


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