Michael Kazouris: A Real-Life Private Investigator

Michael Kazouris is a private investigator and process server in Florida.

Michael Kazouris: A Real-Life Private Investigator

Michael Kazouris knows better than most that there are a lot of misconceptions about what he does, most of it because of the movies and TV. The glamorized public image of a private investigator is usually of a Humphrey Bogart-type guy in a trench coat, a rugged individualist who smokes too much and keeps a bottle of booze in his desk drawer. Michael Kazouris has instinctive skills as an investigator, and is usually smarter than the police who are investigating the same cases he is.

The realty of being a private investigator is, of course, much different. In the first place, not all private investigators are men. By one estimate, about fifteen percent of the sixty thousand or so licensed private investigators in the United States are women. That number has risen steadily in recent years.

Real-life private investigators usually have good people skills, too. A big part of the job is that he or she is likeable, and able to present a professional demeanor. This is a necessity, because investigating means interacting with a lot of people and asking them a lot of questions. It is essential that they are able to relate to others on a human, one-to-one basis.

Private investigators are also bound by the law, just like police and other law enforcement professionals. If a private investigator is involved in a case with legal ramifications, then whatever they do must be admissible in a court of law. They are bound by strict standards of ethics. Any real-life private investigator worth his or her salt knows better than to tap someone’s phone or break into someone’s house in the course of gathering evidence or making a case.

Michael Kazouris has been a PI since 2010.


Michael Kazouris: Best Practices for Process Servers

Michael Kazouris has been appointed by the Pinellas and Pasco County Sheriffs’ offices and Chief Judicial Judge of Hillsborough County for seven years as a process server. Being an effective process server is about more than delivering a summons. To be effective, you must engage in good business practices as well.

Michael Kazouris: Best Practices for Process Servers

Michael Kazouris: Loss Prevention Specialist

Michael Kazouris: Loss Prevention Specialist

Michael Kazouris was a loss prevention specialist who worked for US Security Associates in Tampa, Florida for over a year. He was a plainclothes security detective.


Michael Kazouris- Former Employee of US Security Associates

Michael Kazouris: Former Employee of US Security Associates

Michael Kazouris is a former loss prevention specialist working for several retail companies as a part of US Security Associates. He was a plainclothes security specialist who apprehended shoplifters and made sure the stores he was protecting had all of their inventory intact at the end of the day. Kazouris has since turned this experience into a management position in the process servers’ field, in which he delivers important legal documents to defendants and plaintiffs in lawsuits.

Michael Kazouris- Former Employee of US Security Associates

Michael Kazouris: Former Public Safety Officer

Michael Kazouris: Former Public Safety Officer

Michael Kazouris is a former public safety officer who now works as a private investigator and process server in a few counties in Florida. During his twelve-year career as a public safety officer, he received an Officer of the Year Award for his work in 2005, was a semi-finalist for Employee of the Year Award in 2002, and earned a Drug Prevention Award from the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association in 2001.

Michael Kazouris: Former Public Safety Officer

Michael Kazouris: Three Ethical Principles of a Process Server

Michael Kazouris: Three Ethical Principles of a Process Server

Michael Kazouris has worked as a process server since early 2010, when he was appointed by Pinellas and Pasco County Sheriffs’ Offices in Florida. He was also authorized by the Chief Judge of Hillsborough County to serve civil court documents and is authorized in the State of Florida to conduct skip traces.

Michael Kazouris: Three Ethical Principles of a Process Server

Kazouris, as a representative of the legal system responsible for delivering critical documents such as summons, affidavits, and subpoenas to those involved in lawsuits. This is a difficult job for many reasons, and individuals being reluctant to be involved in any kind of court proceedings is one of them. By adhering to these three principles of working in this profession, he has found success and remains a valuable part of the legal process in his community:

  1. Process servers have to approach everyone they encounter in their job in the same fair and impartial way. Effective professionals in this job assume everyone deserves fair and equal treatment.
  2. Excellent customer service should be the top priority of all process servers and process serving companies. Michael Kazouris ensures that all of his customers are treated with respect and deliver excellent customer service at all times.
  3. Without this principle, there is no incentive or responsibility on the part of process servers to do their jobs up the best possible standards.

Michael Kazouris: Three Ethical Principles of a Process Server

Michael Kazouris works constantly to complete his jobs in the most efficient and customer-friendly way possible. He is an experienced representative of the local court systems in his area of Florida and remains a trusted process server and private investigator.

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