Michael Kazouris Worked Effectively as Loss Prevention Specialist

Michael Kazouris is a highly respected private investigator and security specialist in Tarpon Springs.  He has deep and wide experience in his field.  He has handled numberless cases successfully, leading clients to trust and rely upon him.  With an effective career track record, Kazouris has been utilized by several law firms and private citizens.  Kazouris also has worked as a Loss Prevention specialist with top retailers in the United States, and performed impressively to manage store inventory and increase business revenues.  His work as a Loss Prevention expert saw him conducting the plain clothes surveillance of retail outlets, enabling the businesses that retained him to prevent shoplifters.  His background also prepared him to connect store officials and law enforcement departments to prevent loss of inventories.

As Officer of the Year in 2005 Michael Kazouris was recognized for his work as Public Safety officer.  A Drug Prevention Award he received from the International Narcotics Enforcement Institute in 2001 is testament to the emphasis he has placed on curbing the use of illegal drugs and stopping addiction.


Michael Kazouris is Skip Tracer, Fugitive Recovery Specialist

Michael Kazouris is also authorized in his position as Process Server appointed by Hillsborough County and the Pinellas and Pasco County Sheriffs’ offices to perform skip traces.  A skip tracer may help locate debtors to compel payment and/or also help locate bail jumpers.  Also known as debtor and fugitive recovery, Kazouris engages in the location of a person for these and other reasons.  ‘Skip’ refers to the person who is being searched for and often there are minimal indicators to ‘trace’ a person’s location.  As a Process Server and Skip Tracer, Kazouris engages in investigative tactics which are also used by debt collectors, bail bondsmen, bounty hunters, repossession agents, private investigators, lawyers, police detectives, journalists.  These same types of tactics are used by investigators to find witnesses needed in criminal trials.

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The information which Skip Tracer Michael Kazouris collects about his subjects is analyzed, reduced to its relevant parts and verified.  With large amounts of data, sometimes information about the subject’s whereabouts is lost in the sheer volume.  Kazouris often calls on neighbors in his search and if necessary, uses false identification to accomplish his goals.

Michael Kazouris Serves Legal Notice on Those Summoned by the Court

As the Process Server for Hillsborough County and the Pinellas and Pasco Sheriff’s Offices of Florida, Michael Kazouris files court papers and serves and retrieves legal documents.  Of primary importance is the Server’s delivery of legal documents to defendants or other persons involved in a court case.  Kazouris must also deliver evidence that the legal papers were served.  This verification is called an affidavit of service and must be notarized and given to the individual or company who required the service of the papers.  Kazouris must serve papers in the pre-established manner set down by their state, which may differ drastically.

Process Server Michael Kazouris takes his position very seriously.  Process serving ensures that the due process of law is upheld, and the office of process server ensures that legal papers are served effectively and appropriately.  Should papers be served improperly, the court may be impeded in its ability to rule on a case or the case may be thrown out.

Michael Kazouris: The Importance of Setting Career Goals

Michael Kazouris has been a private investigator and process server in Florida for seven years. While he enjoys what he does, his ultimate goal is to obtain a management position in the private sector. Being able to set both personal and professional goals provides you with a long-term vision, as well as motivation to succeed. Goals help you to get focused and allows you to effectively organize your time and resources so you can make the most of your life.

By setting defined goals, Michael Kazouris has been able to measure and take pride in his achievement of those goals. Setting attainable goals is also an important part of raising your self-confidence as you begin to recognize your abilities and competence in successfully achieving the goals that you have set for yourself.

Michael Kazouris: Security Supervisor

Before becoming a private investigator and process server in Tarpon Springs Springs, Florida, Michael Kazouris was a security supervisor at South Capital Construction. His work with the company consisted of assisting in the development of the company’s operational policies, hiring and training security staff, preparing and maintaining the shift work schedules, and reviewing and conducting thorough incident investigations.

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Michael Kazouris: Debunking Private Investigator Myths

For the last seven years, Michael Kazouris has been working as a private investigator in Tarpon Springs, Florida. When it comes to the public’s perception of private investigators, many have preconceived notions about the industry, thanks to film and television. However, the life of a private investigator is a far cry from how its portrayed by Hollywood.

Unlike the Hollywood version of a private investigator, PIs cannot access information from the CIA, FBI, or local police intelligence, nor can they listen to private telephone calls. They also cannot access your private bank accounts or your individual credit information.

What they can do is help you with your legal situation by showing you how to find relevant information to help you build your case. When hiring a private investigator like Michael, Kazouris, it is important that you obtain a detailed report of what they can do for your case.

Michael Kazouris: Life in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Michael Kazouris is a private investigator and process server living and working in Tarpon Springs, Florida. He moved to the small town located on the western side of Florida when he was a child and graduated from Tarpon Springs High School in 1991. After graduation, he left to see life outside the quaint coastal town.

After spending time working as a public safety officer, security supervisor and loss prevention specialist, Michael Kazouris decided to return to Tarpon Springs to enjoy a more laid back and quieter life. In 2010, he was appointed to the position of process server by the Chief Judicial Judge of Hillsborough County and the Pinellas and Pasco Sheriff’s offices, where he serves civil court documents and conducts skip traces. He is happy with his decision to return to his hometown and is seeking to obtain a management position within the private sector.